Posted on 04 February 2015

Welcome to another edition of the Loyal Fan Feature!

We know that for every city, team, or player, there is a passionate loyal fan that has stories and amazing mementos to share. We find that their level of enthusiasm is incredibly contagious so we wanted to take this opportunity to find out more. Throughout the year, we plan on asking them to share with us a little about what or whom they’re loyal to.

If you're reading this and are a super fan that want to be featured, send us a note info@LOYALtoaTEE.com with a short description of yourself and what you want to share!

So without further ado, let’s get started. We came across Josh on Instagram and after going through his profile, it was abundantly clear that we had a loyal fan (& a cat lover) on our hands. We had to know more...so:



Hey, so who are you?

My name is Joshua Pincoske (Twitter & Instagram).  I was born in New York and moved to Maine when I was very young.  I never played any sports as a kid and prior to 7th grade, I made a conscious decision to pick a sport and try to be very good at it.  Being that I lived in a very rural area and did not have a lot of friends near by, I thought basketball would be the perfect sport.  It is a sport that you can practice by yourself and it is a sport that when you start playing organized, you automatically have 4 other "friends" on your side.  I continued playing organized basketball and through high school and it truly became my "one love".  I was becoming obsessed with watching it, playing it, reading the back of basketball cards.  I was the only kid in school that could name every player on every NBA team and the colleges that they went to.   

When did you start becoming a loyal fan of the New York Knicks?

I started following the Knicks in 1988 when I was a 14 year old.

What is your first memory of the New York Knicks?

Being in central Maine before the age of Cable TV and the Internet (yes, can you believe that!), we only had access to a few channels.  At the time, the only basketball games that I really saw were the Big East games on CBS.  They happen to play a lot of St. John's games and I absolutely fell in love with their point guard, Mark Jackson.  He was flashy and was the ideal point guard.  I started modeling my game after him.  I would watch any St. Johns game that I could.  Then, he was drafted by the New York Knicks.  Being in New England, the Celtics were THE TEAM to follow; however, I never really was a huge fan.  I decided to be a Knicks fan so I could watch Mark Jackson.  Being in the same conference, I was able to watch the Knicks quite often play the Celtics.

After the 1992 season, the Knicks traded Jackson to the Clippers.  I vowed to never watch the Knicks again.  I was so angry that they traded my favorite player to the west coast and I would not be able to see him play.

I was able to watch the Clippers play the Knicks during the ‘92-‘93 season and Jackson was arguing with the ref in front of the Knicks bench and a Knicks player on the bench reached down and threw a cup of water on Jackson and got a T. That player was John Starks.  Later that season, Starks headbutted Reggie Miller at half court in front of the ref.  It was at that moment that I decided that I LOVED Starks and he rejuvenated my passion for the Knicks for the next 6 seasons.  I loved everything about him.  He was a shooter that played through adversity.  His fierce tenacity, desire to win, and heart made him my all time favorite player.


What made you gravitate towards becoming a super fan of the team?


As described above, the transition from Mark Jackson to John Starks is what started it.  But watching Oakley, Mason, Ewing, Houston, Sprewell, Childs and all the other Knicks battle it out against the likes of Indiana, Miami and the Bulls is what kept it going.  They were a tough and exciting team to follow.  A team that other teams tried to emulate.  As a basketball fan in the heart of Celtics nation, I was proud to be a Knick fan.

Who have been your favorite players, past and present?

As far as Knicks are concerned, I was always partial to the guards and scorers.  Jackson, Wilkins, Newman, Starks, Houston, Sprewell and Childs.  As far as current Knicks, I am a huge fan of Carmelo.  This current Knicks roster is not one to get too excited about; however, I do like the way Galloway and Hardaway, Jr play.  I hope they stick around!

What is your favorite Knick moment?

I would have to say the Dunk by John Starks in Game 2 of the 1993 Eastern Conference Playoffs.  I remember jumping up and down when it happened.  I had a poster as a kid of the dunk and later on as an adult, I got another one and laminated it so that I could keep it forever. 

A tie for my second most memorable moment would be when Alan Houston hit the runner to defeat the Heat in the 1999 playoffs and Larry Johnson's 4 point play in game 3 of the 1999 Eastern Conference finals against the Pacers.  Both amazing shots that cemented those players as "Knicks for Life". 

Can you tell & show us items you have collected over the years for this team?

I think the most impressive thing I have done to show my loyalty to the Knicks is name my first born after John Starks.  He is named Quinton Starks Pincoske.  I made sure at an early age that he knew who Starks was. We often watch highlights together and he sees many pictures of him in my "office".  This said office in my room is actually one of the nicest rooms in the house.  My wife took the time and painted it all orange and blue.  It is a shrine to the Knicks.  I have collected memorabilia over the past 25 years and it is displayed with pride in this room.  People often come over and say it is like a museum or a shrine.  I have a wall totally dedicated to John Starks, as well as, a wall that is dedicated to Mark Jackson.  When Jackson was the coach of the Golden State Warriors he actually saw a tweet I had posted of the wall and he took the time to send me a bobble head of himself as a coach of the Warriors.  A most memorable moment.  I felt like a kid again.


I have also collected every Knick program since 1974 (the year I was born).  I have official game shorts from the 1993 season.  I have close to 50 Knick shirts (including my most recent one from LOYAL to a TEE).  I saw that shirt and knew right then and there I needed to have it.  It was so nice seeing Starks' name printed on it.  Brought me back to a time when I was young and carefree and more importantly, the Knicks were a powerhouse.  I had STARKS on my New Hampshire license plates for about 6 years and then once he retired, I got KNICKS on my plates.  It definitely raises some eyebrows as I drive around town. 

What record will the Knicks end the regular season with?

My guess is the Knicks will win no more than 20 games this season.  I know it is sad; however, I believe it is a reality.  Hopefully Phil Jackson has a plan and we will have to trust him.  I would hate to see Carmelo's prime years being wasted in New York.   

Any final words for our readers?

I will actually take this time to not talk about me; however, talk about LOYAL toa TEE.  I am glad I found them.  They do an amazing job on social media and I look forward to new and creative products in the future.  Their art is creative and the product is top notch. Since my first purchase, they also saw that I was a Steph Curry fan (because anyone who likes basketball has to like Curry).  They reached out to me and asked me my input on their next shirt and within a few months, booms...a new Dub City shirt.  They had me hooked. They have a loyal fan for life!

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