Posted on 04 December 2014

We had a very proud moment last week when our 20 Years Anniversary Tee appeared on one of our favorite shows The Hangout, which airs on NBA TV Canada on a weekly basis.

Here's some background on The Hangout:

"The Hangout, hosted by NBA TV Canada's Akil Augustine, is a weekly half-hour broadcast featuring sports experts, personalities and celebrities speaking on the hottest topics in basketball and culture. As Canada's only topical basketball TV show, it is a casual - on the couch - spirited talk show for the new generation of culturally savvy, social media sports fans."

With that said, this show is growing in popularity and continues to fuel the growth of basketball within the country. We were honored to have one of its host Duane Watson repping one of our most popular tees, celebrating the most memorable moments in the past 20 years for the team up in The North.

If you didn't catch it last week, they debated whether Toronto Raptors' offseason pickup Lou Williams is in contention as Sixth Man of the Year and expectations for the New York Knicks this season.

Stay tuned loyal fans - our tees may make a few more appearances throughout this season!

See below for links to the episode:

Is Lou Williams Sixth Man of the Year? #TheHangoutNBA

Expectations for the New York Knicks #TheHangoutNBA

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