Posted on 26 December 2014

Welcome to our second edition of the Loyal Fan Feature!

We know that for every city, team, or player, there is a passionate loyal fan that has stories and amazing mementos to share. We find that their level of enthusiasm is incredibly contagious so we wanted to take this opportunity to find out more. Throughout the year, we plan on asking them to share with us a little about what or whom they’re loyal to.

If you're reading this and are a super fan that want to be featured, send us a note info@LOYALtoaTEE.com with a short description of yourself and what you want to share!

So without further ado, let’s get started. We came across these guys on Instagram and also checked out their unique podcasts on YouTube and felt there was genuine passion for the Toronto Raptors. We had to get to know them more...so:


Hey, so who are you?

Greetings and Salutations Guys! We’re the Dinobros, a dynamic podcasting duo who have a deep love and fandom for the Toronto Raptors. Joe b00gey was born in Toronto, but raised on the mean streets of Ajax. After University, I moved back to Toronto to be closer to the pulse of the city and fulfill my calling as one of the Raptors faithful. Being a true die-hard Raptors fan is a long and trying pilgrimage, but all the pain and suffering has been worth it to experience the good times and the current run that the Raptors are on.   Deuce Deuce (DD) hails from the community of Richmond Hill. He is easily recognizable and known in his community as the guy who is always wearing Raptors or NBA gear. Deuce has been inspired and called to visit all of the NBA stadiums, and has begun taking on this lofty challenge. The Dinobros first met in University, and were brought together by their extreme NBA fandom, and strong opinions.   Numerous fistfights almost ensued when discussing the Vince or Colangelo eras.

When did you start becoming a loyal fan of the Toronto Raptors?

Deuce: I have been watching basketball since the Raptors came to town, because my Dad is also a huge NBA fan. I remember the birth of the team and the Stoudamire days, with the Mighty Mouse branding. I remember I used to check box scores in the newspaper a lot during the Vince Carter era - he made scoring and dunking look so easy, why couldn't everyone post up 20+ points? It was a simpler time, no twitter, no reddit - the news cycle was a lot slower. I had a lull in my devotion for a few years after Vince betrayed us, but one of my roommates in university was a really big basketball junkie, and he rekindled my devotion with some NBA2K and some timely winning on the part of Chris Bosh and Bryan Colangelo.

b00gey: I was very fortunate that my family has always been very active Toronto sports fans (all major Toronto franchises). I played on my elementary school basketball team, so when the Raptors were born in the inaugural season, I was the most excited kid ever. During that first year, I was lucky that my uncle took me to a game at the Skydome vs. the Orlando Magic. Seeing Shaq drop 30 on the Raptors was mind blowing, and I still sometimes flip through the program from that game. After that moment, I was hooked and have been a super hardcore fan since I was in high school.

What is your first memory of the Raptors?

Deuce: I distinctly remember Damon Stoudamire commercials with the Mighty Mouse theme song. It was catchy, and I was a kid, so I ate that up.

b00gey: I have this Toronto Raptors commemorative plaque, from the first season that I still hang and is a key fixture in my Raptors shrine.

Can you tell & show us what items you have collected over the years for this team?

Deuce: It was hard to start a collection as a kid, because you're broke and can't buy a bunch of stuff. Since we finished school and got jobs though, I've managed to start building a decent collection of memorabilia.

First and foremost, we finally fulfilled our dream and we are both season ticket holders. At times, food and shelter were both lower priorities after the Raptors in the needs hierarchy.

I'm also pretty proud of having been to all our home playoff games from last year, so I have all those T-shirts collected.

I've got two DeMar jerseys - one in our alternate black, and a signed all-star jersey. I've also got a small collection of general NBA jerseys - Kobe, Curry, KD, PG, Tony Parker. I love the Raps, but I have to respect the super stars.


One other collection I'm working on is the Raptor's Dance Pak Instagram accounts. I'm trying to follow all the individual dancers from the Pak on Instagram. It’s like Pokémon but way hotter.

b00gey: I have the program from the first Raptors NBA game at the Skydome vs the New Jersey. My goal is to one day get as many of the original roster to autograph the program, but I’m currently sitting at a total of zero autographs lol.

I’m not a huge memorabilia and collectibles guy. I’m more of a pain and suffering/emotional damage type of guy. Over the years, the Raptors have left many deep wounds and scars on my soul, but I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

What made you gravitate towards becoming a super fan of the team?

Deuce: I had always been a fan, but I feel like starting the podcast and spreading Raptors news and discussion has really taken me to that next level, I now live and breathe Raptors. The Raptors have always been an underdog team, but the “We the North” marketing campaign really embraced that and polarized the Canadian basketball fans. The Leafs didn't make the playoffs so Raptor fever was at an all-time high. Nothing has made me angrier than the lack of Raptors coverage and that was really the motivation to start the podcast and provide content to the hardcore and grassroots Raptor’s fans.

We wanted to start spreading our enthusiasm, not just for the product on the court, but also the going-ons around the organization, the city and the NBA in general. Honestly, we just started the Dinobros, not sure about anything other than our love for the Raptors. Its been a process, but we're learning and we've really started to take off. We appreciate our fans and all of the responses that we receive over social media.

b00gey: For me, being a super fan was never really an option, it was more of a destiny that needed to be fulfilled. I am a fan of all of the major sports and spend most of my time watching games, reading articles, and scouring the internet for news and information. I was an early adopter of NBA League Pass and it has really taken my fandom to a new level. Now that I have access to all of the NBA games, it is just UNREAL. Even when I am out and about, I’ll be watching games on mobile and oblivious to my surroundings. Not surprisingly(sadly?), my life revolves around the Raptors and it really dictates my schedule and free time. My family and friends often feel neglected and like they are playing second fiddle to the Raptors, but now that the Raptors are doing well my family and friends are much more supportive and everyone is super excited and pumped for the team this year, and asking questions etc.

Who have been your favourite players, past and present?

Deuce: I really like the current team with DeMar and Kyle, because they work hard and they have the team playing for each other.

I actually really like some of our role-players though, 3rd and 4th options. 3-and-D guys who go unappreciated in the greater league, but can play a big part of a team’s depth and chemistry.

Mo-Pete - Gotta respect that most-games-played record.

Anthony Parker - Nothing really jumps out about his game, but he played smart and had an impact on that 2007/2008 play off run. Also, didn't know anything about the WNBA until I looked up his sister.

Doug Christie - Just a solid player in the early years of our budding franchise.

James Johnson is also climbing up this list, because he’s a savvy player, and a Black Belt. As someone who also likes to play basketball and has a black belt, I’m inspired.

b000gey: Of the current crop of players, my three favorites are definitely Kyle Lowry, JV and Psycho T. The heart and grit that Lowry plays with is undeniable and he leaves it all on the court. Jonas is my boy and I’ve been in his corner since day one. Watching his progress has been great, and I can’t wait until he takes that next step. 

Some of my favourites from the past are Charles Oakley, Antonio Davis, Jerome “ The Junkyard Dog” Williams and Rafer “Skip 2 my Lou” Alston. I’ve watched every And1 mixtape probably 100 times. My wardrobe in those days consisted of purely Reebok Allen Iverson gear and Jordan apparel. 

What is your favourite Raptors moment?

Deuce: This game didn't have any real significant meaning. It was just a few weeks into the 06-07 season. I had been out of the basketball loop a while but my room mates and I were watching the Raptors vs Sixers after just eating an insane amount of pizza (ahh, college).

Less than 24 seconds left in the game - I think we were down 2 points.

TJ ford dribbles around the perimeter to kill some time then tries to give it to bosh on the right elbow.

The pass gets tipped though, and Bosh has to scramble to save it from going out of bounds.

He recovers it, dribbles up to the three point line and drains a three with the defender in his face to win the game.

This was before Bosh was an accomplished 3pt shooter, so my roommates and I went nuts. Just a huge play with a bit of luck to bring us together. 

b00gey: Maybe not my favourite moment, but the most impactful moment was when the Raptors lost game 7 in the Eastern Conference Semis to the Philadelphia 76ers. That has left a lasting impression on me and I’m just waiting for the day when we return there. Hopefully this season, but I dont want to jinx it.

What record will the Raptors end the 2014-15 regular season with?

Deuce: 52-30

b00gey: 55-27

Any final words for our readers?

Twitter: @Dinobros_TO

Instagram: @Dinobros

YouTube: youtube.com/dinobrosTO

We’re constantly going to be trying new things and looking for ways to improve our podcast and fan engagement experience. We’re gonna keep bringing you guys interesting NBA headlines, top notch content and of course Raptors news and discussion. We appreciate everyone’s support as we grow - we’re only getting better from here. Keep showing the love and shout outs, as we put our all into this and do it for you guys.

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