• Rating Up Tee (White) - LOYAL to a TEE
  • Rating Up Tee (White) - LOYAL to a TEE

Rating Up Tee (White)

$31.99 CAD



There are many reasons to play your best game. To impress others? To win the game? Because the coach said so?

    Before Jan. 25, 2015, Hassan Whiteside was rated 59 which ranked him one of the league's worst in NBA 2K15. After his triple-dozen performance in just 25 minutes, he said he was simply trying to get his NBA 2K rating up. His wish was granted - the NBA 2K franchise acted within hours by increasing his rating to 77.

    Wear this tee if you're just trying to get your 2k rating up.

    • available in whiteblack
    • premium quality, lightweight, and preshrunk
    • made with 100% super soft cotton
    • athletic fit so you can strut your stuff

    Note: This design is not affiliated with the NBA, its players or team.

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